Yoho shoot

Sorry for the absence- gearing up for my last months of high school means an overdose of late nights, messed up sleep cycles and hoodies- not exactly a photogenic scenario. But i am so excited to show you guys the photos i shot with Yoho Magazine a while ago, plus some photoshop quirks as a result of my boredom. If you guys would like to see them in print you can purchase the issue in HK and China now. Much thanks to Cloris and the Yoho team for inviting me to style and model for the shoot- it was so much fun and everyone was especially lovely and tolerant of my weirdness- evidence hardly shown below but trust me on that one. 
Lastly, I don’t do this a lot, but i would love it if you all could sign my friend’s petition to close down the world’s cruellest zoo. It’s so saddening to see how animals are treated in this place and i would love it if you all could take action and spread the word. Pretty please?
photos c/o yoho magazine team, editing by me.
I have photos from more shoots to post, which will be up here in the next week. In the mean time, enjoy your weekend! 

31 thoughts on “Yoho shoot

  1. Such a cool shoot! I picked up the Yoho magazine last summer when I was in hk and it had such an interesting look to it that I had to pick it up. I wish I could get my hands on the subscription blas I would love to see you in the magazine! Awesome styling.


  2. you styled the outfits really well! the photos came out very well as well. must be cool to see yourself printed out in a magazine!
    it would just feel so odd and unreal – but in a good way!

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