x Roni Ahn

Wearing: First outfit: hoodie and shoes c/o Modparade, jeans c/o MarketHQ. Second outfit: Dress worn inside from Cheap Monday c/o Koshka, knit from Aland. Third outfit: coat c/o Choies, pants from Aland, denim from olive clothing. photos by Roni Ahn
A while ago I shot these photos with the talented Roni Ahn– Some of you who have stuck around for a bit might remember a shoot i styled for her ages ago. It was so lovely to work with her again and i love how the photos turned out. She is adorable and it was fun working and lunching with her, and you should check out her page for extra photos if you’re keen- these are only a few of my favorites for now but i’ll make sure i post the rest later! Take it as a part one. 
Sorry about the infrequent posts- everything has been a blur and i miss you guys! Will i see any of you tomorrow at Blohk Party
Oh, and Choies is having a promotion where you can buy a pair of shoes and get a second pair 50% off. Happy shopping! 

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