x Roni Ahn Part Two

wearing: first outfit: babydoll dress c/o American Apparel, socks from Monki, shoes c/o Romwe. Second outfit: striped dress (worn underneath) from Koshka, knit from Aland, shoes c/o Romwe. Third outfit: tee c/o wearehairypeople, easy jeans c/o American Apparel, cap c/o Square Street, shoes c/o Romwe. Photos by Roni Ahn


Second batch of my photos with Roni! As usual, finding any excuse during a shoot to have an ice cream, in a tee with none other than flamingos and ice cream on it. Also having too much fun with these smiley face socks and floaty dresses, even though it’s too chilly for bare legs now. Of course, ice cream qualifies as both summer and winter food in a place where fall and spring respectively last a week each. But i am happily going into hyper-holiday mode; e.g. getting my sweater-body ready with as many marshmallows in my hot chocolate as possible and lots of spicy ramen. Anyway I’m going to be shooting with Roni again so stay tuned! So happy you guys liked the photos from the last post. 




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