White Out

Procrastination manifests itself into a multitude of forms once one is half-way through their exams. This shoot was one of those forms, as is my typing this up- in fact, i’ve objected to doing anything close to moving for the past hour. My sister and I have been lying in bed and are even procrastinating the long heinous process of putting our Friends disc in the DVD player. Anyway, I’m afraid shooting is going to be restricted to in-doors until my exams are over- also it’s really cold. And i don’t mean a southern-hemisphere kind of cold but (close to) a normal/scandinavian definition of cold. Also, its wet…and windy…and any photographic evidence of that would only equal me as a drowned rat. Which, by the way, this dress has the potential to completely overturn for any human being in my opinion- if only i had an occasion to wear it. In other news, my sister finally made popcorn and we are now watching Friends– over and out.  
wearing: Cameo dress c/o Market HQ, Sheer shirt c/o American Apparel, Nasty Gal hat. 


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