wearing: playsuit, hat, c/o Beginning Boutique, bag c/o The Editor’s Market, snood and cardigan unknown. 

Like all people (unless i’m seriously misinformed- if so i’m not surprised), I appreciate things the most when they are gone. Case 1 would be the weather, in this case being me ordering summer clothes when it’s a week away from Christmas (!). This ordeal also makes me one of those people who eat ice cream when freezing cold but i guess ice cream is a year-round necessity for me so that point isn’t exactly valid. One exception to this theory is school, tomorrow being the last day of term 1 which calls for more ice cream. More exciting news, i’ll be heading to Bangkok on the 20th for 4 days so if you have any recommendations, holler at me! At least there i can pretend it’s summer again, even if only for a few days.

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