Vivienne Westwood Show

As promised, here are the photos from the Vivienne Westwood show from last thursday, one of the events hosted by HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week. Think morning-after Aristocrat-style, with big hair and superfluous of pink tulle. There was such a great turn-out and we had so much fun people-watching and pigging out before the event. It was such a beautiful show and i hope you guys enjoy the photos- taken by me on Bryant‘s swanky new camera. Sorry about the lack of a good look at the dress- i was really impatient to get to McDonalds for my orange juice fix. Plus HKTDC is hosting a street snap competition where you can win HK$100,000- just upload your street snap photos to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #hkinfashion. Good luck! Thank you Miko for the invitation and Asos for dressing me for the show. Luxurious cloud vibes in the best way possible.
Lastly, I don’t do this a lot, but i would love it if you all could sign my friend’s petition to close down the world’s cruellest zoo. It’s so saddening to see how animals are treated in this place and i would love it if you all could take action and spread the word. Pretty please?

Have a lovely weekend,

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