12 thoughts on “VIDEO: HAUL!

  1. I'm currently reading the fault in our stars and it's such a good book! I also want to read looking for alaska next.

    Love your boots and skater skirt. Reminds me that I need to add a black skater skirt to my wardrobe.

  2. wow this is my first time to hear your voice! really cute:)
    I looove your adorable but chic taste , and I look forward to watching your wardrobe video too !

  3. I read both those books a while a go and I love them. I even pre-ordered the fault in our stars so I got a signed copy.
    I really like that maxi skirt, so simple but cool.


  4. When the music started I was really shocked! You know CRO:D he's really popular here but I didn't know that he was that popular even in other countries! xx

  5. John Greene!
    I've heard so many good things about his novels and I definitely want to read them. The Fault in Our Stars has been at the top of my “must read” list for a while and Looking for Alaska definitely sounds pretty cool.
    I would definitely like to hear what you think of the books once you're done Zoe!

    Amazing haul you've got there!
    Those Chelsea boots look comfy and cute at the same time. The chunky heel keeps them from being as my friend says, “hoof-like”, and the price is pretty affordable too. I've been looking absolutely everywhere for a pair of boots like these! I'm looking forward to seeing how you style them. I bet they would look really cute paired with the turtleneck crop top, the maxi skirt, and the beanie you also got. Each of those pieces is definitely very pretty. That crop top is my fav though. It's so 90s-esque!
    I'm really definitely digging your new Beginning Boutique heels as well. So minimalistic and elegant, definitely very versatile. The best part is that they look way more expensive than they really were! :)

    I hope you're having a fabulous week!


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