VARSITY PONY + giveaway winner!

stylestalker jacket, ksubi dress
Excuse my lack of a better title, it’s the first thing that came to mind when i style-jammed these pieces together at Electric Sekki‘s HQ. Was it the ponytail or the varsity jacket? It doesn’t imply much considering all that shows up on google image search are photos of polo shirts, so i’m lost for a real phrase reference. And i should point out that posing amidst construction outside industrial buildings just gets that much more fun when workers walk past with exposed midriffs.

P.S. the winner of the BunnyBeCool giveaway is Jyn, congrats!  Don’t worry if you didn’t win, there’ll be more giveaways up soon. 

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13 thoughts on “VARSITY PONY + giveaway winner!

  1. I hadn't even noticed the guy with his stomach on show until I read your post. I like your simple, sporty, urban look.

  2. This dress is really cute! Also you get points for having you photos in front of construction workers.

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