wearing: cargo jacket courtesy of Sugarlips Apparel (here), top from Topshop, skirt from Urban Outfitters, tights from H&M, shoes from ASOS.

Hi everyone! I know this is a boring outfit, but i wanted to bust out my “valentines” tights into an outfit just to wish you all a nice valentines day. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a romantic date or a night of TV dramas with hot cheetos to celebrate the end of the Personal Project, I hope you guys enjoy yourselves! I know this post has less photos than usual, but i’m trying to cut down this month since i’m almost over my monthly limit on flickr and it’s only the 13th! I’ve got a few exciting new projects, so i can’t wait to show you all very soon!

stay tuned for my next post, where i will show you guys ‘what’s in my bag’, which has been requested so often recently!

p.s. yay for all of my fellow year 11’s for finishing our PP’s!!

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19 thoughts on “VALENTINE//

  1. the tights look super cute with the skirt!
    i love how you dressed things down a little bit with the cargo jacket :)


  2. I like how you paired such a casually feminine skirt with that badass jacket! Happy Valentine's Day, hope yours is a blast <3 (and congratulations on your PP's!)

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