V E L V E T//

hi guys :)
its official: i’m obsessed with velvet! after i went fabric shopping last week and picked up two yards of it, i spent the whole weekend sewing this skirt, bow, turband and collar (mainly the skirt, which was based on the American Apparel velvet skirt). I decided at the last minute to put them all in an outfit together (except the turband haha, which i’ll include in another post). A thing about velvet is that it really reminds me of Christmas, so i’m really getting into the holiday spirit! i’m actually going to Bangkok and Shanghai during the holidays (of course i’ll take loads of pictures) and i can’t wait! where are you guys gonna be up to this Christmas?
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35 thoughts on “V E L V E T//

  1. ahh your diy is so impressive, especially the skirt :) i love ittt so much! i'm obsessed with red velvet as well. i'm going to hokkaido for break, but i'll be in shanghai for some time too. tell me on fbk if you want to go shopping! – stephanie

  2. Can you please do a tutorial on how to make that velvet skirt? I love it! It's so beautiful!

  3. I love this outfit so much and it suits you perfectly, Im inlove with your skirt, do you mind putting a tutorial/video tutorial on how to make it? Ive seen so many velvet clothes out there at the moment but not a skirt one and yours look like it came from a high street store so I'd really love to make myself one for Christmas as well :) also love your blog and this Christmas holiday I'll be in Belgium and France, hope you enjoy Bangkok and Shanghai :)



  4. Can I just say that I'm absolutely in love with your blog! Your are so pretty and your style is totally up my street! And I'm in love with velvet too! xxx

  5. velvets remind me of Christmas too! Your diys are really nice! I'll be in my country to celebrate with my friends and family & I can't wait!

  6. I absolutely love your outfit!! you have such a wonderful style, and a lovely blog! and I'm happy to be your newest follower!:) xx

  7. I've been wanting a skirt just like that, and wanted to sew it but the local store didn't have that colour of velvet. I hope they'll get it soon, now I want it even more, when I saw how perfect it looks on you ! :)

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