Tokyo: Digitals

The camera / iPhone amalgamated edition of Tokyo snaps…a.k.a. the only possible method of categorising posts so that I don’t induce the phenomenon known frequently on this space as jpeg diarrhoea (for lack of a better term). I think any photos or videos can ever fully capture the effervescence and endearing weirdness that surrounds the city, but I did try my best. It’s safe to say that after Hong Kong, Tokyo is my favourite city and somewhere I can see myself living- the latter thought might be wholly due to the fact that Japanese people produce some things that make everyday life awfully easy for neighbourhood lazy arses like yours truly. And me holding the city in such high esteem may also be because it’s pretty hard to find something in one of its restaurants that I would not be willing to eat for the rest of my life (except fish sperm. Yes I have had it, no I did not enjoy it). Going to let the photos speak for themselves and hope you can see through them even a fraction of what i saw and fell in love with. 

Photos taken on a Fujifilm x-pro 1 and iPhone 5s.
Stay tuned for my film photo diary! 

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