wearing: second hand tank, front row shop plaid shirt, zara skort, H&M belt, asos boots (similar here) , backpack borrowed from Bryant’s sister. Photos by Natalie Chyi

In real life the shooting of this outfit (as per every outfit we shot that day) was accompanied by a plethora of tissues (we oversaw the importance of towels) and perspiration, plus too many comments about it being “the hottest day of the summer” (guilty) – which it wasn’t. But in my defense (against possible questions about the hair-holding- ergo watch the questions flood in asking why i don’t just tie it up…well i don’t know ok it gives me a reason to ventilate certain sweat-friendly body areas– it was freaking hot. TMI? i know you relate if you live anywhere that isn’t Australia or San Francisco (and the list goes on but i took history instead of Geography so i’ll leave it at that).

But as always (and as the title suggests alongside this song) I digress with the weather-talk. I was finally reunited with my favorite shooting crew of two (hah) Nat and Bryant after a season’s hiatus (yet we are back on weather territory). With a few good playlists, Bryant’s mini water-bottles-with-straws, and ‘our’ own little garage which we used for changing and anti-heatstroke purposes (“it’s not trespassing if there isn’t a car in it”), we can have fun shooting in even the highest temperatures. And yes, we filmed a behind the scenes video this time around after a one-shoot-hiatus if you look forward to seeing us sweat and squint. But as always i’m going to post the outfits first so you might have to wait a bit- *evil sorcerer laugh*. Ok i’m going to stop before i start talking about the weather again. Crap.


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