wearing: dress c/o NowIstyle, converse shoes. Photos by Natalie
Up until the age of 12 (followed by the mind-boggling -and to me, revolutionary- depiction of princess life in re The Princess Diaries), my almost-teenage girl conception of international order pictured being a princess as sitting around in floaty dresses with insect-like hats and hanging out with a barrage of snobby extended family. Even though TPD pretty much tore apart my deluded fantasy that, well, Mia really didn’t need to do much, I snagged one third of the princess-life package with this dress that equals half pajama ballerina and half ice-cream princess. That being a meticulously long post title i decided that Elton John fared better. 
By now i guess you guys are used to the fact that i like eating during shoots (as well as outside shoots but no one cares about that), and with ice cream making it’s second appearance it’s a sign this has become a well-established fact. It’s not everyday that you twirl and twirl around for 10 minutes straight (spinning shots aren’t the most attractive) but ice cream makes a good energy-supplement when you feel dizzy and fainting is automatically re-computed into a ballet move i learnt when i was four (so bun-heads, feel free to correct my horrible form etcetera, it’s safe to say quitting at 5 was a good decision). 
And no, i refuse to accept that Genovia is not a real country, let alone the fact that Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway are not its rulers. 

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