wearing: dress and backpack c/o The Editor’s Market, belt c/o Beginning Boutique, leather jacket c/o Sheinside, beanie from  H&M, Doc Martens
Anything checked/plaid/tartan/houndstooth just gets so much more relevant in the winter, bonus points if the pattern includes the color red. I’m back from Bangkok just in time for Christmas and this backpack was perfect- light, roomy and with tons of pockets (drool). Hong Kong is enjoying a surprisingly chilly holiday this year which i love since it allows me to layer profusely- think thermals and tees and shirts and hoodies. (Just to defend my non-existent weather consciousness  these pictures were taken before i left to Bangkok.)
Unless I don’t get a post up until after Christmas, Merry Christmas! Have a great night and holiday.

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41 thoughts on “THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY

  1. Oh, I love the belt! <3 You're right, something you can wear in all seasons becomes more relevant if it matches the current holiday xD

    Merry Christmas,

  2. Looking good Zoe!
    This outfit is such a nice combo of grungey winter elements…it seems to be a bit of a departure from your usual outfits. I'm definitely really enjoying the more tomboyish feel to such a look.
    Major props to you for rocking the red plaid at such a perfect time of year. While this outfit may not be indicative of the month or the weather, I like to think that the beanie, the tights, and the leather jacket do somewhat allude to the slight nip in the air. After all, 10% of body heat does escape through the head so by keeping your head toasty, you're kind of sort of keeping your body warm, right? Science befuddles me at times but that seems to somewhat make sense. Or not.

    Before I ramble any further, I just want to say that
    1) You look mega adorable in this outfit.
    2) That belt is fab to the fabbity fabbest degree.
    3) Looks like this make me really really want Docs.

    And that is all.
    Merry *belated* Christmas and happy *early* New Year to you Zoe! :)


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