The New Party Look

The last time i wore heels was prom, and even then they were off halfway through, much to the relief of my feet…and friends who had to be in photos with what resembled a tree in white lace. Hence when Selfridges asked me (subsequent to my earlier Wishlist post) to do a Holiday Party look I decided to go for something more natural and a lot more…black. As a person with a regular amount of social anxiety (it’s about time we all admit to the relief of closing the bathroom door at a busy party) I tend to avoid unnecessarily loud prints and opt for an outfit consisting of pieces i can repeat to my heart’s content…cue a leather jacket that fits like a glove, ideal pointy loafers and possibly the only strapless LBD that won’t slide off me due to my lack of curvature.  A.K.A. pieces i can safely say will do me well even after holiday season is long gone. Also, Red lipstick is about as festive as it gets on my face (can’t even begin to imagine removing any form of glitter off my eyelids after a 6th grade allergic reaction to stage makeup). Props to Selfridges for letting me play dress up…you have no idea how hard it was choosing these items! 
P.S. if you’re thinking about your holiday look (heels or no), check our their selection of holiday-friendly dresses and shoes….they’re also doing a 20% off promotion just in time for Christmas *coughs* so make sure you go do some damage. 
M.A.C. Russian Red lipstick

All photos by Stephanie Huang.

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