These are the probably the craziest shoes i’ve owned in the history of my feet…but something about them just grows on you. Maybe its the added height i don’t need/ illusion of giraffe legs in a good way/ serious comfort? And when NastyGal calls….hey, you answer. 
Thanks Nicole for the boots! look out for an outfit soon. 

24 thoughts on “TEST RUN.

  1. Those. Cheetah. Print. Hellbounds.
    Where do I even begin???
    Perhaps it's just enough to say that those shoes are killer to the extreme. Comfy, added high, and the illusion of giraffe legs?
    Sign me up!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you style these bad boys, Zoe.
    My gut tells me that the outfit will be pretty intensely out of this world.
    After all, Nasty Gals do it better ;)


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