Taipei Film Photo Diary

Just got back from a trip to Taipei with friends. Will get around to editing my videos but in the meantime here are the snaps I got whilst testing out my new Minolta x-500 with Kodak ISO 400 film. Taipei will always have a special place in my heart because of the comfort I feel in the midst of its kind people, beautiful city greenery and huge bookstores. Oh, and dumplings; can’t forget the dumplings. I know I’ve been bad at posting lately but I have some things lined up that I’m excited to show you all…keep your eyes peeled. 
Despite how late we woke and left our cosy airbnb, we always made an effort to have breakfast. This usually involved noodles and a group favourite, 滷肉飯.
It just so happened that my parents and sister were in Taipei for a short duration of my trip, so I hung out a bit at their hotel. 

One of my favourite things about Taipei are the trees along 敦化南路.

We spent a morning at the MOCA- Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art. 

 A good afternoon pick-me-up: hot soy bean milk and 炸油條.

Shopping and snapping in the trendy back streets of 東區.

Shot on a Minolta x-500 film camera with Kodak 35mm ISO 400 film.

The following photos were snapped  by my friend Natalie on her Olympus Superzoom 105R.


35 thoughts on “Taipei Film Photo Diary

  1. I completely get you when you say Taipei has a special place in your heart. I lived there for two months during the summer two years ago and then for three months last summer. Being in that beautiful city and being with relatives who treated me as their own made Taipei a place of so much value to me – it feels like my second home. You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that someone else (more importantly, my favorite blogger!) loves this city as much, if not more than, I do!

  2. Hi zoe!! Love this post! And the photos look amazing :)
    Just wondering, how do you get your films developed and printed? I want to start using my film camera and was wondering if there was another or better way to get my photos other than going to a drugstore/cheap photolab.

  3. Sooooo cool! love the pictures and the atmosphere around all the blog post! I might go to taipei this august! I take good notes of your post!

  4. always enjoyed seeing your video and photo diaries. visually captivating! you are definitely on top of my “most inspiring bloggers” list

    xx –

  5. These photos are so stunning! You're such a wonderful photographer :> I love your travel posts!
    x Alona

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