photo by Carol
Guess what guys? it’s July 4th today here in the UK so i’m officially 16. It feels nice and weird at the same time, like i’m supposed to act less weird now that i’m slightly more grown up. My plans for today are going for a morning run with Carol, and we’re going to get dinner in town and watch a cheesy movie (‘sixteen candles’ anyone?) so i’m excited. Thank you to those peachy people who have tweeted/emailed/instgrammed/facebooked me birthday wishes, you guys are the nicest and i’ll try to reply as soon as possible! Anyway, here’s a preview for the look i’m posting tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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50 thoughts on “SWEET SIXTEEN

  1. Happy birthday!:) all i want to say is that i reli luv your styling!i always stop by and get some inspirations for my outfit. i reli luv to read ur blog!

  2. Happy 16th Zoe!
    I hope you have an absolutely spectacularly wonderful day!! :)


  3. Aww hapylpy belated birthday lovely!
    Hope the day was marvellous hun. You have such amazing style and I wish you an ever more fantastic year ahead! :D


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