Summer in the City

Regina Spektor- Summer in the City
Finally i have an outfit post!
I took my tripod down to a park near my home this morning and just as i finished my photos it started pouring rain! but my camera survived since i used the beanie to protect it!
The weather in Hong Kong has been really hot, but it was slightly cooler when i was walking to the park so i thought, why not?
The sticky weather is another reason why i had a brainfart and couldn’t decide on what to wear, so i chose this jumpsuit which was my mom’s. It was still stuffy and hot, so that’s why i look so sleepy and gross.
i promise i’ll post a better post next time, but for today this will have to do :)
jumpsuit- bargain
shoes- converse (i had these since i was 11 but they seem to grow with my feet, which explains why the sides are breaking. These shoes have gone through a lot!)
beanie- asos


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