Shadow Play

Here are the rest of the photos from Amsterdam, in my new favourite top and vintage Levi’s that I found whilst rummaging in a market in Amsterdam that day. Really digging how the photos came out with the shadows and all and can’t wait to post the video footage I shot during the trip. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with jewellery but these ear cuffs are just dainty enough for my liking; hence, the perfect accessory to my default jeans and top combo. Except I’m home in Hong Kong for the summer and clothes in general are a socially necessary but physically repellant non-option in this humidity…cue thunderstorm. P.S. Any theme requests for the next playlist? 

I’m wearing: 
Top by J.H. ZANE
Shoes by Anne Thomas
Vintage Levi’s jeans
Ear cuffs from THPSHOP
Photos by my dad in our Amsterdam Airbnb
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