wearing: beanie from H&M, collar top from American Apparel, jumper and skirt c/o sheinside, tights from asos (similar here), shoes c/o Romwe. Photos by Josephine :)

I’ve never felt so akin to a Christmas tree but it feels pretty cool. All that was left for me to do was crash someone’s New Year’s Eve party and stand in front of any plausible light source and turn myself into a human disco ball (Carpe Diem-ing things here is getting out of hand). It was so cold when Jose helped me snap these pictures, it was obligatory for us to jump around candidly afterwards (and the camera just happened to be on self timer….huh). But seriously, HK is getting so cold, and for some reason it gets colder at home than it is outdoors…i think my personal weather-confusion bubble is expanding into my surroundings. 
Hope you all had a tasty New years! I spent mine decorating appetizer plates for my mum’s dinner guests (see exhibit A) despite the fact that most of the food went into my mouth. Good night!

43 thoughts on “SAME LOVE

  1. I looove the beading on that jumper. And I know what you mean! It's kind of like when you were super warm socks and boots and your toes are still freezing. Somehow the cold gets stuck inside your clothes?? :P Lol. Idk. Winter sucks.

    Castle Fashion

  2. Your sweater and skirt go so well together that I thought you were wearing a dress! Amazing. Also, I love those tights. I've been wanting a pair like them for some time now.

    <3 Melissa

  3. Great post! As soon as I saw you in this outfit, I thought you were wearing a flapper dress :) Anyhow, even though it's not a flapper, it's got that 1920s flapper-esque feel which I love!

  4. That's a beautiful outfit! I hope you had fun being a disco ball, ha ha! I'm really so jealous of the cold weather :<
    I can't experience that where I live -_- ha ha!

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