wearing: top c/o Market HQ, shorts c/o Choies, bangle from Choies.  Photos by Natalie
Got screamed at by the psycho owner of the kiosk whilst i was sitting on his chair (after cleaning it for him…geesh) and apparently committing a heinous crime resulting in him watching us hawk-style for the next 20 minutes. But being shot by Natalie whilst being surrounded by potato chips and sipping on tea is as good as it gets so the former complaint is almost eradicated (save for the creepy staring competitions with overly curious chinese beach-tourists). On the other hand i’m kind of getting immune to the staring passerbys thing, which feels awesome, like i’m developing a teen mutant ability or something …i call it bloggerkinesis (a girl can dream).  
p.s. trying out this right-side alignment thing…thoughts?

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