IMG_9767wearing: knit and shoes c/o beginning boutique, jacket from my dad, bag from alphabetbags, shirt from american apparel, beanie from H&M, DIY collar studs (here), pants and socks from H&M
My favorite part of this outfit is the pin on my leather jacket that cost me a pound from the cinema. I guess i’m just attracted to anything star wars/x-men related, and when it’s gold and heart shaped that’s a bonus. And I’ve been wearing this jacket every day now, it’s not going to be pretty when i have to give it back to my dad whom i steal borrow everything from. I guess this whole outfit is just everything i like in a melting pot, but hey, who’s complaining?

24 thoughts on “RED BRICKS AND HEARTS

  1. Awesome outfit yet again Zoe!

    The layering you've done looks super great. I love all the varying hemlines, with the button down and jean jacket longer than the keyhole sweater and the button down longer than the jean jacket.
    The varying lengths combine to create a very multidimensional look that's fun and comfy looking.

    Star Wars!! Even though I don't like to admit it that often, I'm a quite a fan myself. Since my family is super into Star Wars/X-Men/all that kind of stuff, I've been exposed to comics, movies, books, and everything else! I think I've seen every Star Wars movie at least twice and number 4, 5, and 6 at least 10 times each. They still never get old though and are super fun to quote :) “These aren't the droids you're looking for.” Heehee.

    Yay for stealing *cough I mean borrowing* clothes from people! Since I don't really fit my dad's clothes, I love stealing from my brothers. They have gigantic wardrobes so I never know what I'll find that I'll just “have to have”…

    Have an awesome day!


  2. I really like the design on your sweater– minimalistic and fun. The overall feel of this outfit is something I'd be interested in wearing haha and I enjoyed hearing your story about it. Hope you've had a lovely weekend! xx

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