collage by me, photos from tumblr. 
I’m so excited for spring/summer so that i can get an excuse to wear more of these loud, funky prints. palm trees, geometric shapes, bold florals…probably going to be my favorite trend later this year!
posting an outfit post soon…on valentines day! can you guess which ‘valentines’ accessory i’m wearing?

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8 thoughts on “PRINTSPIRATION//

  1. Ooooh, I love all these prints! So bold! I'll probably be keeping mine on the more toned-down dots and floral end of the scale, but I've been drooling over kittens and hearts and trees lately too…yay for spring!

  2. this is a great collage! thank you for sharing it with us :)

    bambi+alexa+prints=i'm dying a little bit inside

    i hope you don't mind me asking a question. do you use photoshop to put together collages? if so, does it take a long time? if not, would you mind telling me what program you do use to create collages?


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