wearing: dress c/o MarketHQ, bag c/o Grafea, bow c/o American apparel, Asos boots (similar here). Photos by Natalie Chyi

Let’s pretend i haven’t already worn this dress on here recently (and let’s also pretend the typhoon season doesn’t exist so we can revert back to the sunniness that was two weeks ago). A part of me wants it to be swelteringly hot again (as it was in these photos) so i can go to the beach and eat unhealthy stuff, and another part wants it to be cold so i can eat more unhealthy stuff. Note to self: don’t write up blog posts (and go to supermarkets, among other things)when you’re hungry because then it’ll be the only thing you talk about and/or you’ll be broke and left with weird organic chips that taste really bad.

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