Playlist: Week 06/04/15

Hello from beautiful Tokyo! Spent most of today digesting a huge sushi lunch and hyperventilating over the amazing selection available in Japanese convenience stores… but more on that later. As usual, here is my weekly mixtape for you. In return, leave me a comment if you know anywhere in Tokyo (off the beaten path) worth visiting? I’m sure my stomach and wallet will (not) thank me later. And yes, I’m taking plenty of film photos/video footage that I will share with you all in some post or another. Have a lovely week guys! 

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  1. Welcome Zoe! Shibuya, you can see the famous scramble crossway and my recommend is to go “cat street”/ after you walk through Shibuya's cat street, you will be in Omotesando which has many fashion brands. Daikanyama is also worth to visit, it's calm and you can visit an art garally, a huge book store called Tsutaya, etc.. All of these area i wrote are typically fashionable spot that people who loves art&fashion hang out. hope you have a nice day!

  2. Your playlist is playing right now–totally rad! Great picks–your taste of music is always so on-point!
    (and always comes at a perfect time for me!)

    <(') hoda | joojoo azad, a fashion + social action blog

  3. I'm planning a trip to Japan myself!! Zoe can you pleased post your itinerary somewhere or just like a cool short summary of what you did because it could help me out a ton :-) i'm loving your playlist and I hope you continue having a great time!! I heard Nakano Broadway is an alternative to visiting Akihabara so maybe you can check that place out

  4. Hiiii I usually don't leave a comment, but since I really wanted you to enjoy my city, I've jotted down some of my favourite places for ya!

    Restaurant: Kaikaya in Shibuya (really good seafood place. English-friendly as well), PIZZA SLICE in Shibuya (they have the BESTEST pizza in Tokyo), Gonpachi in Azabu (Kill-Bill inspired restaurant where all the hollywood celebs go when they visit. food's average but the atmosphere's worth a visit!), 246commune in Aoyama (a community place filled with food trucks!)
    Shopping: SMITH ARTIQUE in daikanyama (awesome vintage shop I just discovered last week, they have ¥2000 blouses to Chanel bags), TOKYO LAMPOON (another vintage shop in Nakameguro, a little pricey compared to the daikanyama one though:P), miu miu in Aoyama (opened last month and the design of the store is great)

    If the weather's nice, it would be great to just chill at yoyogi park as well! make sure to grab a cup of coffee at Fuglen its right next to the park!

    Hope you enjoy your stay in Tokyo:)

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