Pink Matter

I’m a sucker for anything soft and/or fluffy, and the pink is a bonus (even if it sheds more than my dog), and these slip-ons and my Kara backpack are getting so much wear it’s ridiculous. Despite my resilient objection towards superstition i couldn’t say no to these lucky embroidered bracelets from the C by Cruciani line. Especially coming from someone who never had enough string to finish friendship bracelets (childhood regrets, man), these babies are affordable and the lucky symbolism helps too. They’ve already sold more than 15 million pieces online and it feels so special sharing my pack with my mom and sister- like primary school all over again.
If any of you guys like em, i’ll be giving away sets of three in three giveaways this week on my instagram, so watch out for those posts! Otherwise, You can find Cruciani through their FacebookInstagram, or their store at the 3rd Floor, Kiosk A, Harbour City.
Lastly I wanted to say an early Happy New Year! I’m so thankful for everything you guys have blessed me with this year, and I have a feeling 2014 will be even better. Thank you for tolerating my rants, rambles and jpeg diarrhea throughout the past 12 months- love you all! I hope you have a great end-of-2013 and spend loads of time with your family with the additional company of good food.

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