Phuket mainly consisted of overusing the infinity pool, amazing sunsets, snorkeling in the bluest water and drinking coconut juice. In other words it was perfect! now i must get back to ‘reality’ and prepare for my first day of school this friday, but i’d rather spend these next few weeks days in vacation mode. 

42 thoughts on “PHUKET PHOTO DIARY

  1. Omigosh your photography is really becoming stunning! Your trip to Phuket looks like a whole lot of relaxing fun in the sun~

    Where did you guys go? Did you have like a tour guide or are you already familiar with the area?

  2. You start school already ?? In Paris we start in the beginning of September. The photos are incredible, it makes me want to escape the city and swim in turquoise water ;) But right now I'm London so I guess it's pretty cool too…

  3. love your photos, zoe! i was tempted to buy the red dress like yours! forever21, right? now i might buy it because you convinced me hehe srsly i can stare your photos forever. amazing <3

  4. I'm amazed by these beautiful photos.
    and i love the colour tone of your previous styling photos
    may i ask which camera are u using? :)
    I started blogging since last year and I'm based in HK too.
    I find it quite awkward if I take pictures of myself in random streets as blogging culture is not really popular in HK.
    But your blog is really encouraging, it tells me its possible to take great pictures even on crowded streets which are full of skyscrapers!
    Great job Zoe :)

  5. aww thank you! the previous photos were taken by my friend janice and i'm not sure what camera she used :/ sorry! xxx

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