Paris in film

Some cheeky shots taken from our Airbnb abode last weekend in Paris….i’m only beginning to appreciate the web of destinations surrounding London and my mind is already full of places i want to visit next. Our place was such a dream- a token parisian flat that would make every instagrammer snap-crazy and conveniently situated in a neighbourhood with coffee, baguettes, kebabs and a parisian drugstore (!!!) on every corner. You’ll see more of it in upcoming posts, but for now here were some of my favourite moments during our short stay…lazy mornings in with magazines,  and pre-halloween nighs out- fake blood and all. 
P.S. if you’re intrigued, click here to receive credit for your first Airbnb booking…have fun finding your second home! 
Photos taken on an olympus super zoom 105R with 35mm 400ISO kodak film.

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