Paris / Cuba Video Diary

I finally kind of got my shit together and edited / uploaded the clips I filmed a while back (*coughs* two months ago) when I went to Paris / Cuba with Chanel to see their Spring 2017 RTW show and shoot these photos (amongst others which I will post…soon, I promise!) in Cuba. It was a whirlwind of unhealthy breakfasts, camera juggling, car naps, and ubers (the latter strictly reserved for the Parisian majority of the trip) and I think this comes across pretty verbatim in the video (or at least as ‘verbatim’ as a video compilation can be in this context).

I tried to do something a little different this time around in terms of the filming/editing style so tell me what you think, but I did manage to film while I was in Paris (again!) last week with Chanel (again!) so there will be an old-school vibe-y video diary up soon for those of you who find my voice annoying (I agree) and want to return to the good old days of ambient music and a disproportionate blurry-non-blurry clip ratio.


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