24 thoughts on “OXFORD ST.

  1. Oh wow I love all the detail you can see in the background. Looks like such a gorgeous place!


  2. Oh I love Oxford street! It's like the best place to shop on earth :) I miss the UK too when I look at these pictures :)

  3. I'm actually tired of looking at you in this denim jacket.
    Its a little too much don't you think?
    Anyway, its just a thought.

  4. Great pictures Zoe!

    I love how they really illustrate the fast-paced society/world we live in. Even though these two pictures were most likely taken relatively close together in time, there's so much change in the people who are in the background.
    The only way to tell that these two pictures were taken during the same time frame is the blonde lady in the background carrying the large leather bag. In the top picture, she;s partially hidden but in the bottom picture, you can see her and her friend moving on with their lives.

    That was just a little though I had.

    Have an awesome weekend!


  5. Really enjoying seeing all your photographs from the UK and you seem so calm in the midst of all this background chaos. Hope you had a good weekend! xx

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