One skirt two ways

wearing: palm tee from Serge DeNimes via. Jackaline, Choies skirt, H&M bag, American Apparel shoes, Uniqlo plaid shirt. Photos by Bryant.  
Being a lazy blogger means you post infrequently and at the worst times- could really be using this time to work but would rather ramble about the many ways in which i can wear a piece of clothing (duh, blogging). It also means you post two outfits with only different tops over the same black basics. Undoubtedly my favorite skirt at the moment despite the lack of tolerance for food babies (worth it) and goes with everything as does every single thing that is black. Also realized i mostly move my left hand in photos but now i’m just rambling. 
Next post is a giveaway, stay tuned! Sorry about the lack of posts- getting over yet another hurdle of school stuff. 

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