two new loves from youtube, both videos featuring one of my favorite models Freja Beha. Which one is your favorite?
As you guys might know already, my blog is at the URL http://www.fashiononymous.net now! I’m so happy i’ve registered for a domain name after all this time and it feels very official ( : 

12 thoughts on “OH FREJA!

  1. omg i love her, i see her all the time in the Chanel and the harry Winston ads!
    My favourite model would have to be Karlie Kloss! (so mainsteam i know) :(

  2. Freja Beha is so cool.
    She makes me think of cool boho rocker hippies who somehow always manage to always look flawless.
    Somewhere in the depths of my mind, that outlandish description made sense :)

    Even though Freja is pretty awesome, I would have to say that she's not my favorite model. GASP!
    Since there's so many amazingly wonderful models out there, I just like to have a lot that I like.
    There's Sasha Pivovarova and Daphne Groeneveld and Arizona Muse and Bambi! That and there's so many more!! But one name that I definitely can't forget is Kiko Mizuhara. She's so freaking adorable and her hair makes me want to chop all my hair off too!!
    But I ramble yet again.

    Congratulations on getting your own domain name!
    I'm sure it must be super exciting and thrilling for you :D
    I just wanted to point out a little something that I noticed.
    When I typed in “fashiononymousblog.blogspot.com” I'm still directed to your blog and the HTML link is still “fashiononymousblog.blogspot.com”.
    However, when I enter “fashiononymous.net”, the HTML link is “fashiononymous.net”.
    Is that normal? Am I just overreacting a little?

    Whatever the case, congrats times a million bajillion!
    I hope you're celebrating this somehow!!

    Have an awesome weekend Zoe!

    The Ace of Hearts

  3. Oh and when I try to get to fashiononymous.net, it doesn't work!
    My computer says it's a 404 Error.
    It only works when I add www in the beginning for some weird reason

    The Ace of Hearts

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