Nothing evokes more weather confusion than posing in a winter jacket and boots with sunburnt arms, freckles, and editing to claps of thunder as today’s storm continues…all in the height of a Hong Kong summer. Think of this more as a styling post rather than an outfit post…I pictured these items worn together despite real temperatures and got these shots after playing around with duct tape, a cloth backdrop that is really the cloth that we use to cover the sofa, a tripod and self timer. Pretty excited for the cooler months so I can wear this jacket and boot combo, I’m predicting a fall/winter uniform in the making.


28 thoughts on “Oh-Five

  1. I just adore the way you edit posts! You're so so talented :)
    Great styling, as always <3
    x Alona


  2. You are one of my favorite bloggers. Your posts are original and refreshing. I look forward to every post. <3


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