No Frills

There are only a few non-food/beverage related things I like better than shooting at home or in a studio, where you don’t have to worry too much about light, or getting your stuff stolen, or getting hired last-minute as a pigeon’s human toilet (the list goes on). Of course, its even better when said location is your own airbnb where you can retreat after a long day of museum-going in Amsterdam, and you are wearing great clothes by a talented young designer. Case in point, our ‘Dutch Design Loft‘ in central Amsterdam, and garments by J.H. Zane...and to top it off, photos by my dad. I fell in love with Zane’s attention to detail and unique construction…definitely one to look out for. This is one out of two posts where I’ll be featuring the above combination and I am so excited to show you the rest! Hope you like the photos.

I’m wearing: 
Shirt and Culottes by J.H. ZANE
Shoes by Anne Thomas
Photos by my dad in our Amsterdam Airbnb
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