Nail Rock c/o Market HQ (here), rings from H&M
I always seem to mess up any form of sticker/screen application (never ask me to apply a screen protector for you- never unless you enjoy looking at screen full of air bubbles). These Nail Rock stickers were no exception- except to my delight, you couldn’t really see the spots i messed up do to the overall awe-inducing metallic shine. They look amazing even if you’re a total klutz like me and are the biggest compliment magnets. And hey, who doesn’t like having mercurial silver talons?

Anyway, tonight me and Bryant are heading to an exciting event. More on that later! 


13 thoughts on “MERCURY

  1. I like the lines taht you used to edit your photos,
    and ur nails, oh so perfect <3 love it!


  2. whoa these look amazing, gurl! I too often have trouble with nail stickers, but I think i might give these nail rock stickers a go:-) They're WAY too cool to resist. Thanks so much for sharing this post! :-) Hope i'll be able to get my hands on these soon;-)Anyway Thanks for posting this zoe:-) Youre a huge inspiration and i cant wait to read more from you in the near future! x

    btw i just started a blog, would love if you could give it a read!


    twitter: @indigobingo
    instagram: @mannequinskin

  3. The shininess!
    Metallic anything is just oh so right at the moment. I'm not sure if it's the upcoming holiday season or my inner magpie that makes me such a fan of shiny things…it must be a combination of the two.
    I'm really really digging the way you're rocking those silver nail stickers with the funky rings. Even though I'm a klutz and officially fail at all things nail-related, I might need to try out these cool nail stickers.
    I could always use more compliments :)

    Hope your week is going well! <3


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