wearing: top, skirt, and flats from Choies, boots from asos (similar here), wang clutch, karma circle necklace from asos (here). Photos by Jessica for Fragments
Lesson learnt: when one is melting in a wool skirt, holding a pair of boots in one hand and a clutch in another and having walked up to Sheung Wan from Central with a roxy gym bag full of shoot clothes (#brogprobrems), even a $50 lemonade seems justified (at least whilst you’re drinking it). And wearing a skirt that looks like a furry magnified mermaids tail is a bonus. A place i’d honestly rather be right now instead of here, sitting in the library attempting to write as many understandable sentences at a time whilst my friends ask siri inappropriate questions. But it makes everything better considering i’ll be in Tokyo this saturday (all my sashimi dreams will finally be worth it). 

64 thoughts on “MAXIMALIST

  1. You're so perfect Zoe <3
    I really like that there's more to your outfit than initially meets the eye. At first glance, this is just a simple striped top and skirt combo. A second and third glance reveal that hey, there's something exciting about these photos. For one thing, our skirt has all sorts of little twists to it that make it much more fascinating than the Zara skort that has been absolutely everywhere. The layering effect gives way to images of intricate beetles or ancient stages with luxurious curtains…there's something so unusual that really captivates the mind. Aside from that, your striped top seems to have a sort of color shifting power. Initially, the stripes of the top appeared as black but then they gradually began to morph into a nice purple hue. Even now, I'm not quite sure what color your top is. Regardless, I love stripes and I love three-quarter sleeves so yes, I love your topic. Those sleek pointed black flats add a nice touch to everything and even if it was expensive, that lemonade looks good.
    And you look good. Win win, indeed.


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