wearing: dress c/o sugarlips, clutch from japan, vintage glasses. photos by my sister.

This is such a pretty dress. It makes me want to twirl everywhere since walking/posing doesn’t really do it any justice. If i ever get invited to a salsa dancing party with a live band, this is what i’ll wear. I decided that the dress was enough ‘wow’ factor in itself so i chose the clutch and sunglasses for a more ‘coachella’ vibe. Speaking of which, i’m so excited to see the festival fashion this year!

hope you all had/are having a good Spring break!


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27 thoughts on “MARIACHI//

  1. that dress looks marvelous on you!
    i really liked how you paired it with the sunglasses and the matching red clutch.
    it's super easy to picture you twirling around in this at some sort of salsa dancing party :D


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