Macau Video Diary

music (chosen by Toni): She- Parachute
To be honest, i really didn’t want to lug my DSLR around Macau , which is i why i decided to change it up and try making a video diary with my iPhone instead. It was a lot easier for me to film and i hope you guys like it! Macau was a short but concentrated trip; so much good food (desserts!), entertainment and interesting architecture (reminded me of a movie set with retro street signs and narrow alleys). if you have any questions about what i’m wearing, leave a comment and i’ll reply ASAP ( : 
special thanks to my exclusive camera-woman; Toni!

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Happy Tuesday everyone!

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34 thoughts on “Macau Video Diary

  1. can you take outfit photos, the ones you wore while in macau, pleease? your outfits look pretty :)

  2. Cute and it looks like you had alot of fun!!
    Outfit time!!
    at 0:58 you wore a jacket, t-shirt and a pair shoes.. FROM!?
    and at 2:08 you wore a pair of shorts, FROM?!

  3. stop being so beautiful! ahh jk love the video i've watched it twice already ( : your so pretty!

  4. i love you ! and i love your blog ! you are so pretty and i cant look at you becouse of that !

  5. That's.. real good genes your family has there! Looks like it was so much fun! :)


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