wearing: blazer from Zara, tank top and shorts c/o Market HQ, lace bralette c/o Shopbop, creepers c/o Sheinside. Photos by Natalie. 

We found this pretty little spot after searching endlessly around the neighborhood, trying to find a spot that we didn’t shoot last time around. After venturing up tiny steep stairs, we found to our left a huge pile of rubbish and to our right a beautiful gate framed by pretty flowers. We didn’t manage to capture the outfit in it’s entirety with the flowers at the back, but it was nice finding such a gem (albeit in an alleyway cluttered with cardboard boxes, mops and trash) amidst everything. 
And i’m sure you guys can see for yourself but Natalie is kind of amazing (if her talent doesn’t already spew through these jpegs), and i keep getting questions about how “I” take my photos and edit them, when most of the time when you’re asking it’s the photos that she takes and edits for me (And Nat recently got a formspring account so if you’d like, click here). And of course Bryant helps us arrange everything and i’m so glad we manage to have such a good time shooting together. Ok enough smushy sentimentalities, but I have some pretty cool friends. 
Have a nice night guys!


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