Little Miss Sunshine

Our first full London edit…photographed by Bryant and styled by the both of us. No matter how many times i shoot, i’m never as comfortable in front of the camera as i am with friends, even when (albeit, collectively) geographically displaced. For this shoot we wanted to try something different, cool (all meaningless words used to the extent of nullification), or at least capture our little home-spirit in the streets of Hackney. Think kebab shops, brick walls, chilly parking lots and the back doors of Chinese supermarkets, meets an amalgamation of all of our styling habits- coats and givenchy a la Bry, messy hair and textures for me and the occasional toga-parka amazingness thanks to Nathan. There are way more photos than the ones i’m posting here but you will find more of them on Bryants account later on, as well as a special feature-to-be in First Love by our friend Denise. Links will be twitterred and extras will be instagrammed so stay tuned! For outfit details see the credits at the end. 
what i’m wearing: outfit one ( coat, skirt, shoes), outfit two ( top, skirt, boots ), outfit three ( jumper, shirt, similar culottes, boots ), outfit four ( skirt, similar top, cardigan, shoes, bralette ). All photos by Bryant Lee. 

30 thoughts on “Little Miss Sunshine

  1. I'm so freaking obsessed with you and your outfits. I especially love how you styled the gold skirt with a bright orange top and I definitely need to get my hands on a silver maxi like yours!

    not haute

  2. Love the photos, they really are gorgeous!

    Styling is on point too. Can't decide what I love more- the orange jumper or the brown coat!

    Meg xx

  3. omg your outfits are actually amazing like i wish i could pull off midi skirts tbh :/ they just look plain weird on me but they look so damn awesome on you im just woah <3


  4. Hi :)

    You are so inspiring! Everything about is just perfect :3
    I love your blog, your photos <3 <3

    But your photos are too big :( It would be better if your photos are a little smaller.

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