wearing: gold cardigan c/o American Apparel, denim shirt c/o Olive Clothing, tapestry shorts and collar tips c/o Market HQ, boots from ASOS (now 40% off!). Photos by Natalie.
Suits puns aside (1 more day guys!), i’ve realized i’ve taken a strange liking to wearing things that make people feel uncomfortable. Especially in the busy little business-orientated hub of Hong Kong, high-waisted tapestry floral undies hotpants really create the desired effect. They are so short (i blame only me for ordering a size xs) and perfect for people who question the necessary factor of pants -my hand is raised- so i really have no complaints. The print is also sitting in the happy middle ground between floral and tapestry, narrowly missing (matrix-style) the benchmark of grandma purses and/or a 9 year old’s floral onesie.
 That reminds me, the market is really lacking in the onesie department for teens/adult (a notion brought about by the newest Delevingne-induced animal onesie phase), even walking past a cute babies clothing store makes me want to curl up into fetal position and demand one for myself, a 5 ft 8 16 year old teenage girl.
Ramblings aside [ok we get it Zoe, you don’t like wearing pants and demand the mass manufacturing of adult onesies], I had a really great time shooting these photos with Natalie and i miss sunshine.


62 thoughts on “LITT UP

  1. It looks like you chose a really great day to take pictures! Great shadows, ha ha, and great outfit as always, though I hope you didn't make anyone too uncomfortable. Those undies (lol) are really cute!

  2. Oh man. This is like the example of outfits I tend to wear at school all the time – except probably with my shirt untucked, further adding to the 'uncomfortable looks from other's factor when they think I'm not wearing any bottoms. You're adorable haha. P.S. SUITSSSSSS FINALLY.

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  5. Gorgeous as always! Beautiful shorts and photos. I really like your blog. I invite you to my blog in Vintage style… I greet:)

  6. Love your entire outfit! :) I always love a good outfit that includes cardigans and chambray.

    – The Fashion Fare (

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