like a boy

Wearing: Cheap Monday Jumpsuit via. Asos, Shoes c/o Asos, Blazer from Zara. Photos by Natalie Chyi. 
Wearing this jumpsuit 24/7, including right now. Pretty much the only acceptable alternative to not wearing clothes at all, though i’m running out of excuses as its actually finally getting cool. In an attempt to digress from weather-talk, i finally sent in my university applications this week- your part in finger/toe/leg/arm crossing would be greatly appreciated and even just talking typing about it induces heart-palpitations. As of late, i’ve been randomly emitting indiscernible syllables of confusion as a side effect of all this stress/bad food (because duh, stress comes hand in hand with Mcdonalds fries and nutella, separately and together). 
At the same time I can feel the most stressful part of the year ending- deep breath – and hopefully that means i’ll be able to post more! Anyway, i feel pretty disconnected from blogging at the moment and would love to rekindle any blogger-reader intimacy i like to convince myself exists- what are you guys up to? What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Are any of you guys in the IB? If so are you freaking out because I am too. Ok end post. 
Happy weekend! 

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