wearing: sweater c/o sheinside, pants c/o Romwe, backpack c/o Grafea, shoes from Aldo, headband c/o American Apparel
Quick Outfit post with pastels before i start wearing mostly dark hues again. Realised i need to stop buying black shoes as these heels (from prom, the only time i’ve ever worn them out) are the only pair that aren’t black/grey (ambiguous hues are easiest on feet in my opinion). Now i’m heading off to a family dinner where i’ll eat a lot of spicy food…yum.
Have a great night!

38 thoughts on “LAVENDER

  1. Hi Zoe, I've been a fan of your blog for these past months (thanks to teen vogue).
    I like your style, specially this one, beautiful pastel colors! The heels made you look more mature yet still appropriate for a 16 years-old.
    I personally think it's great and inspiring, since we're the same age. Keep styling and update this blog! :)

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  2. The nude pumps! I hear nude on the feet are supposed to create the illusion of long legs (not that you don't already have enough of that!)

  3. Loove your outfit! The pastels are such a refreshing look, especially since it's winter in San Fran right now. Love your sweater!

    xx maggie

  4. Hi Zoe, can you tell me more about your tailor made prom dress? cos I will be attending my brother's wedding and can't find any dress I like at stores. Thinking that maybe I can get a tailor made one. Hope you would help. Thanks!
    P.S. Love your blog! Keep it up :)

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