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I know i’m the last to jump on the bandwagon (perfect metaphor for my frequently bus-missing self à la this morning ), but Miranda Kerr’s cover shoot for the oct/nov issue of Russh was too self-esteem drop inducing for me to pass up. And now we must marvel over the paradoxical properties of a fashion editorial that can be so aesthetically pleasing, yet confidence-wise so poisonous at the same time (my hand is raised). This shoot pretty much triggered my inspiration gag-reflex and as of now my brain is flooding with too many images of things i can’t buy and the face/body/life i can’t have (the perks of being a teenage girl, hey?). Yeah so i just coughed up a paragraph version of a Miranda Kerr shrine….subconciously. (And here ends all the vomit metaphors). Literary devices aside, have a great night guys and thanks so much for your positive feedback on the new outfit, i can’t wait to show you more. 
*sends love*

11 thoughts on “KERR IN RUSSH

  1. Hey, from one teenage to another, don't feel insicure, you are gorgeous too! Plus I don't think Miranda Kerr is thaaat amazing anyway ;-)
    Love this photoshoot, its so free spirited and makes me want to wander around a caravan park in a neon knit and knickers! Thanks for sharing it, although now like you I want to buy a whole new wardrobe again…

    Cute blog!

  2. Ahhh Miranda!!! The love of my life <3
    I'll stop being creepy now, and just acknowledge that you are as gorgeous as she is!
    Yeah no, that probably just made it worse..

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