wearing: MarketHQ tee, choies skirt. Photos by Natalie
Are you dizzy yet? Move over Joan Rivers and fellow grammar Nazis, there’s a new graphic-phrase-tee enforced criticism force in town. Vocational responsibilities aside, I myself am one of those people who uses karma as a comfort mechanism whenever i do something right (picks up a piece of rubbish in my own room = first prize in the lottery for sure), but discards the idea of karma whenever i do anything wrong- see phrases like “everything happens for a reason…but not that reason”. 
I don’t think it should be taken too seriously; sometimes things just happen (now i start sounding like a parent in a disney channel original movie) and its ridiculous to think about whether or not it was really down to that one candy wrapper you were too lazy to pick up. But as a concept it’s worth embracing; use it as an encouragement to do good; not only because it will bring you good luck but because sometimes when you don’t pick up candy wrappers, you get ants in your room and maybe it is worth army-crawling two meters on the floor to save possible pesticide fees. 
I don’t even know why i’m really saying this as i’m no confucious and never picks anything up that is more than a meter away from my current dwellings but maybe graphic text tees are bringing out my inner zen. Oh and isn’t this skirt pretty?

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