12 Hours in Paris

Last weekend I was given an amazing opportunity to shoot something for Vogue China in Paris (said oh-so-casually but in real time was followed by a shriek and Whatsapp to my mum), which led to me being in one of my favourite cities ever for 12 hours. I can’t show you guys the photos I shot for them yet, but for now here are some iPhone bits and shots from my film camera that I took throughout the day. Every time I leave Paris I get more excited to return, and this being my shortest trip yet was evidently no exception. Special thanks to Ming, Wish and Fed for letting me tag along; and you all who are reading this as I wouldn’t be getting such special opportunities without you.

After an extremely early alarm at 4AM, I managed not to miss my flight and was in Paris just in time for breakfast at Le Royal Monceau, which has a fancy as staircase leading to the bathroom. 

My shirt is from APC and is a new favourite. Buy it here.

One of those moments when you are reminded how awkward and untalented you are when you witness the artistry that manifests in the Dior Atelier…but more on that later. 

Post-lunch, some showrooms around Rue Saint Honoré involving beautiful but strenuous stair activity. 

Stopping by the Sacai showroom and eating too many pastries…still thinking about that cheesecake.

And finally, sneaking off pre-Eurostar to do some very typical but necessary Eiffle Tower gazing. I helped a Korean family take a photo in front of it and the mum was super cute and insisted that she help me as well. Also made sure I stopped by a pharmacy before hopping on the train back to London, to pick up my favourite french beauty products. 

Hope you like…can’t wait to show you guys the ones I shot in Dior!


Nothing quite like a painting session to create the illusion that you are being productive pre-2016, especially whilst you can still feel the cumulative food babies leftover from Christmas festivities. I have always had an irrational fear of white jeans (and not purely to avoid menstrual paranoia) but this pair of culottes hits the spot without having me succumb to the skinny jean variation; I’m still more comfortable with higher waists and awkward lengths. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m home for the holidays and am quite occupied with doing nothing. I know I’ve been absent here lately but I hope you all have been having a lovely Christmas and wish you an early Happy New Year; here’s to stepping out of our comfort zones (and by comfort zones I mean black skinny jeans).


Top from Uniqlo
Photos by Melody


Studio Sessions: In Navy

Don’t be misled; I’m not about to record a cool EP or anything, I just happened to be wearing a lot of navy in a photo studio. Oh, and I’m selling some old/ not so old clothes tomorrow from 11am-5pm at Stephen House 1b, Darnley Road, e9 London so come by and chill ~

DRESS The Fifth Label c/o FSHNBNKR
JACKET American Apparel
SNEAKERS New Balance / Hypebeast
PHOTOS Weronika

 Happy Friday!

LA Film Diary

In my defence, its only been a month. But considering London’s recent affinity for torrential rains and the lack of vitamin C/ cold pressed juice on this side of the Atlantic, it feels like its been ages since I visited L.A. for the first time. Was too consumed with reliving the best week ever through my photos to realise I never showed them to you; so here are some memories via 35mm film and driving music…a.k.a How To Have the Best Week Ever, according to me.  
1. Book a cute airbnb with a dog (!) 
You can get a cheeky discount off your first stay by clicking here

2. Drive everywhere…(but do you really have a choice?) and take a lot of photos of palm trees because LA is contagious. 

3. Including driving to a hike with friends and realising that something about juice and eating lots of kale makes LA locals very good at hiking, and also that you are very unfit.

 4. Go to the museum (we chose The Broad, and its not pronounced how you think). 

5. And of course, go to the beach. (Top / AA shorts / Celine sunnies)

6. And play mini golf…
7. Pass out from jet lag…
8. Before your boyfriend drags you out to get tacos at midnight, which is always a good idea. 

9. Meet up with old friends and new…meet Natalie, Steph and Rachel

…And Dylan and Bo.
10. Oh, and this is Ran… he’s kind of the best.

*heart eyes*

Thank you for making this trip the best thing ever, happy 6 months. 
Hope you guys liked the photos.


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Vintage Jeans

Photos by Weronika.