Photos I Took Recently

Hello, this is exciting (for me at least). I haven’t written a new post in so long and I’ve accumulated quite a few film photos in my ‘to post’ folder, so here are a few of them from December- a BW roll and some from my trip to Tokyo.



Italian Summer Part Three: Naples, Tivoli and Rome

Below, you’ll find the belated but final instalment of my summer film diaries. I wish I took more photos in Naples, Tivoli and Rome (I exhausted most of the film I brought with me in the South) but looking back at these still did the job of making me crave a good plate of pasta and an espresso to follow.


Italian Summer Part Two: The Amalfi Coast

I am well aware that the Amalfi Coast needs zero introduction, by virtue of the views and birds-eye pasta spreads that have almost certainly been dominating your Instagram feed (if your ‘following’ list resembles mine in any manner). After a, frankly, anxiety-maxing drive to our Airbnb in Ravello (click here¬†for some money off your first stay if you’re planning your next getaway), we were rewarded over the following couple of days with the best spaghetti vongole of our lives, a caprese salad overdose and postcard worthy townscapes that my photos below, nor even Emily Ratajkowski’s vacation photos cannot fully do justice (it is really that¬†beautiful over there).