Marseille Film + Address Book

Hope you guys are having a sweaty, salty summer (or if you’re in the Southern hemisphere, are sipping a big mug of tea). I’m home in balmy Hong Kong until mid-August, but am here to check in with some bits from a recent trip. Audrey visited me in London last month, and we decided to take a trip to Marseille and Aix en Provence (more on the latter later). Marseille has a bit of a bad reputation– upon telling friends we were visiting as a (pretty timid looking) pair of Asian girls, we got a few concerned warnings. If you’re a smart enough traveller, there isn’t anything to worry about. Don’t expect it to be anything like other French cities– albeit unembellished and grittier than Paris or Nice, its a melting pot of cultures with a side of seaside laziness that made our trip very special. Here are some photos from our days in Marseille, which sandwiched a few nights in Aix, and some of our favourite addresses to eat, shop, sightsee, eat, and eat.

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Photos I Took Recently

Hello, this is exciting (for me at least). I haven’t written a new post in so long and I’ve accumulated quite a few film photos in my ‘to post’ folder, so here are a few of them from December- a BW roll and some from my trip to Tokyo.



Italian Summer Part Three: Naples, Tivoli and Rome

Below, you’ll find the belated but final instalment of my summer film diaries. I wish I took more photos in Naples, Tivoli and Rome (I exhausted most of the film I brought with me in the South) but looking back at these still did the job of making me crave a good plate of pasta and an espresso to follow.