wearing: sweater c/o Koshka, skirt c/o American Apparel (here), bag c/o The Editor’s Market, flats from topshop (here), watch from casio (here), hat from sheinside. Photos by me and Alisha. 
Had some fun the other night with Alisha. We had vegetarian food at Veggie SF (so good), shot in front of my usual spot at H&M (the bear hat attracts a lot of attention, we found out the hard way), went for a banana split at The Flying Pan (not recommended, slight play-doh aftertaste and don’t ask how i realized, but their other stuff is good). Then, we shopped for jelly drinks (bringing out my inner 5 year old japanese kid- which to choose?) in IFC before a late movie. All in all a very fun night. This sweater has just the right amount of batwing-length ratio (a rare feat) and i’ve been obsessed with backpacks because then i can run around that way i do swinging my arms like a total freak whilst not loosing stuff. Thumbs up. 

49 thoughts on “JOKER OF THE HEART

  1. Love the sweater and backpack! Currently obsessed with them too. Been eyeing those Grafea ones. Too pretty!! The hat looks so cute too. I have something like it but it's a panda and idk, I kinda feel cool wearing it haha. xx

  2. omg zoe! I live here in Japan i can totally send u tons of jelly thing u want! ive seen that a lot here theyre just everywhere! havent tried the green one yet, but i love the apple flavor and the peach as well! lots of love from tokyo, ena!

    check out my blog if you have time! :)

  3. Looks like you had a fun night!! That bear hat is so so cute. (: You always look amazing!


  4. I really like your post title! ♥ And of course your outfit. The skirt matches perfectly the larger sweater ;)

    Have a nice day,

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