Japan Film Photos

I fell in love with Fukuoka….with the clusters of telephone lines haphazardly spider-webbing from block to block, with the barricades of vending machines on every corner, with the passionate endearing spirit of our sushi chefs, with the way sunlight hits the face of the walls and the bicycles propped against it. Every time i visit Japan, i leave with a body craving more ramen and a mind that is a little more at peace, because that seems to be what the place does to you despite a presumed claustrophobia that one might feel in Tokyo. I only managed to buy film on one of the last few days of our trip so (to my despair) I was not able to capture the beauty of our road trip to Yufuin on analog….yet I’m also slightly thankful for my predictable forgetfulness when packing, as my favourite moments were those spent in the car, iced coffee in one hand and headphones on, only taking a cheeky video every once in a while when i couldn’t resist. Can’t wait to show you the video, but in the mean time here are some shots of our last few days in Fukuoka city, hope you like them. 

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